Cheerleading Tryouts 2018-2019


Coach John Powers announces what will take place during tryouts. The girls listened intently for what to expect during the next three hours.

Kiley Szatkowski, Business Manager

The annual cheer tryouts this year were held on April 16-18. After the first day of tryouts, only a selected number of girls were chosen to attend the second day of tryouts. One of those selected girls was Mia Graziani (11), who has been on the team for three years.

“I’m not as nervous this year just considering I’ve been on the year for the past three years. I’m definitely excited to see the new opportunities these freshmen bring because the incoming freshman do have a lot of talent,” Mia Graziani (11) said.

Coach John Powers is also looking forward to how the upcoming year is going to go. Even though the team is losing skilled seniors, Powers is still looking to accomplish the same goals as always.

“Obviously we have lost some great seniors, but we have good incoming freshmen coming in. Really hoping to accomplish the same goals we have every year team comradery, going to competitions, representing the school well and [the team] as individuals, making it to State, being in [State] finals and Nationals as well.” Powers said.