Pennies for Polio


Morgan DeChene (10) coloring a poster for Pennies for Polio. There will be posters up around the school advertising students and staff to donate money to help people with polio.

Meghan DeChene

On Tuesday, May 1, Interact Club had a meeting after school. The club is working on raising money for people with polio.  

“Pennies for Polio is a way for our club to get in touch with the people that sponsor us and help us be able to raise money for people with polio and can’t get the help they need,” Caitlin Mavity (12) said.

Polio is a disease that can go through someone’s brain and spinal cord causing paralysis in different parts of your body. Polio can affect people of all ages all over the world.

“Pennies for Polio is important because polio was once a very bad disease and now we have the chance to cure it, it just takes help from people like us to raise money. The vaciations don’t cost that much, every dollar is equal to ten vacations. When we raise money for it we save a lot of people, especially kids, where they are unable to get the help they need,” Mavity said.

Interact club is starting to raise money for Polio. Next week, there will be a table in Main Street where you can donate any amount of money to contribute to the cause.

“Visit our table at lunch and come donate. Interact club meets every Tuesday after school and everyone is welcome to come to a meeting,” Morgan DeChene (10) said.