An Unexpected Honor


For over 30 years Mr. Denny Brannock, Automotive Technology, has been teaching at our school, and this year he has won the lake Central School Corporation Teacher of the Year.
“I was pleased to just find out I was in the final five and shocked when I found out I won,” Mr. Brannock said.
During class Dr. Larry Veracco and Mr. Robert McDermott came into Mr. Brannock’s room and announced to his students that he had won.
“[The students] came and congratulated me and wrote on the board ‘Congratulations Mr. Brannock.’ It was really nice,” Mr. Brannock said.
For Mr. Brannock, letting his students take their time has seemed to be a crucial part in his teaching.
“My students have taught me to be patient and to find different ways for them to reach their full potential,” Mr. Brannock said.
After many years of teaching and after winning this award, Mr. Brannock has the reassurance he is doing something right for his students.
“In the course of my teaching, I’ve learned that if you can change a few students’ lives for the better, it feels very rewarding,” Mr. Brannock said.
Mr. Brannock feels very thankful and appreciative for being chosen.
“Thank you for even considering me. I feel it [was] an honor and privilege to be with the people that were also nominated. It was nice that they recognized that I have made an impact on my students, school and community,” Mr. Brannock said.