Girls Track Runs the Region


Rachel Giese and lakecentralnews

This past Tuesday, Girls Track team won their fourth Regional title in the past five years.
Although they won, they did it in a way that was not expected.
“Athlete’s seeds are subject to change in a big atmosphere meet. Tonight at Regionals was no exception. As an athlete competing on the track, I personally experience the excitement and disappointment of going up and down seeds (expected places),” Andrea Alvarez (12) said.

Alvarez’s 4X400 meter relay team was seated to advance to State; however, the team placed sixth in the Region.

“It’s a nerve-wrecking experience to take part in; not seeing a girl make a height or time really breaks your heart.  All you can do is give them a hug and tell them they did amazing and [that] you’re proud because that’s what being a team is all about: being there for each other,” Madison Gomez (10) said.

Along with the 4X400 team, other events did not place as expected.  However, the Girls team has depth, and other events made up for the points that led to their victory.

“One should not fret over not performing their best and look at the overall accomplishment,” Alvarez said.

The team had a number of girls advance to State including the following: Andrea Alvarez (12), Shelby Carroll (12), LeVisa Evans (12), Brooke Lambert (10), Katie Brown (11), Kaitlyn Moricz (11), Alaina Willis (11), Riley Wayco (11),  Megan Zajac (9),  Abigail Peppin (9), Tatiana Lazic (10) and Emily Thompson (12).

“I thought Regionals went really well tonight. There were a lot of good races and finishes. We came together as a team and probably doubled the amount of girls going to State from last year. I am really proud to be apart of a team as good as ours,” Alaina Willis (11) said.

The team now prepares for the State meet, held in Bloomington, Ind. However, as they journey there to compete, they go as the ladies who truly “run the region.”

“Every victory has led up to Regionals. The Lake Central Track Team of 2012 lives as a Regional Champion, and for that, I have nothing else to be pleased about,” Alvarez said.