Summer Trends

With school out in four days, students are looking forward to going to the beach, hanging out by the pool and celebrating the beginning of summer with friends, but one of the best things about the approaching summer is the clothes. There are so many fun things to wear in the warm weather, and the new trends for summer 2012 are beginning to show.

“I’ve seen a lot of neon shorts and bright colors at Delias,” Mia Gjeldum (10) said.

Neon colors, however, are just one of the popular trends. High-waisted shorts, crop tees and lace are a few other things that are becoming more popular. So students are going to have to start preparing their closets for all of the numerous and exciting summer items.

“Me and my friend are planning on going on a bunch of shopping sprees over break. I want to get rid of everything in my closet and buy new stuff,” Gjeldum said.

So pack up your Ugg boots and sweaters and get ready for the hottest days and trends of the year.