Opening act


Directors Mrs. Raber and Mrs. Neth talk about the upcoming plays for this year’s theater. The callout meetings turnout was larger than normal.

Scott Daniels

As the new year begins, more and more clubs and activities host a callout meeting to attract new members with the Lake Central Theater Corporation being one of them.

“I think [the callout was] really good. It’s really informative and its helpful to get people involved and informed about theatre [during] the school year,” Jane Wright (12) said.

The callout focused mainly on two of the plays that the Theatre will perform this year, the plays being Charlotte’s Web and Contest Show. Every year, the turnout for Theater, in terms of both crew and audience, includes faces new and old, showing their support however they can.

“I would always come and support the shows here if I have friends, and I love to advertise them even if I’m not in them,” Wright said.

In Theater, some students struggle with finding a way to be included in plays if they aren’t casted or are too busy with work or academics.  The director of Theatre, Mrs. Neth, does offer ways for students in that situation to involve themselves.

“They should probably come and talk to me, because there are smaller crew positions you can do, like if you do sound, they don’t start meeting right away, so it’s not as big of a time commitment. It’d definitely be something worth talking to me about if they want a smaller involvement,” Neth said.

A lot of the new faces in theater tend to be freshmen, so the upperclassmen are implied with the task of helping those new faces adjust to the scheduling and logistics of theater at a new school.

“There’s a lot of leadership for our seniors, especially when it comes to the freshman plays, there’s a lot of one-on-one teaching that happens during freshman plays,” Neth said.

For students who did not go to the callout but are still interested in this year’s theater, there are a few ways of attaining information about theater online.“We do have our website which is We have a Facebook page. There’s a Twitter account, in terms of social media,” Neth said.