Finding a community in clubs


Caleb Chen (9) signs up to join the Environmental Club. The brand new club was started by Maisie Westerfield (11) and Karisa Candreva (12).

Ashley Robinson

When attending a school that has over 3,300 students, it becomes easy for one to get lost in the mix. Some students find guidance through clubs. The annual club fair was held on Sept. 5 to display the variety of groups to students.

“The club fair in general is just to introduce students to clubs they may have never heard of before or something that would peak their interest to get them more active after school,” Mitchell Witt (12) said.

A huge number of clubs reside within the walls of the school. This pool of different passions and focuses gives a large selection to those looking to join a group.

“It really opens up your mind to other options at the school [and] different clubs at the school that you probably didn’t know existed. [Clubs] also help bring up school interaction,” Karina Rivera (9) said.

Due to the size of the student body, clubs give students the opportunity to be apart of a smaller group. The community aspect of these intimate organizations adds a greater takeaway to the involvement.

“Being apart of clubs has definitely helped me gain a lot of friends. [Working on Rune has] helped me realize how much I love to design,” AnnMarie Hemmerling (12) said.

The benefits to becoming a member of a club does not end at the community aspect, though. Participation throughout one’s high school career helps set him up for his future.

“I think it’s important for people to join clubs because it gets you more active in your community. It also looks good on college applications,” Katelyn Macknyk (12) said.