Students react to Homecoming 2018: Club Blue


Students throw their hands up in the air. The DJ played some hit songs from the 2000’s. Photo by: Sarah Huszar

Sarah Huszar

This year’s homecoming dance was called Club Blue. There were a record breaking number of 1585 tickets sold. All of the decorations and lights that covered the Library Commons and lunch rooms were blue and went along with the theme of the dance.


“The decorations are nice. They  are a little hidden just because they’re all over the place but they’re nice,” Giovanna Martin (12) said.


The students lit up the dance floor to this year’s DJ. The music dated back to the 2000’s and all the way up until 2018 hits.  

“The DJ should definitely play more songs that everyone knows, but overall, the music has been really good,” Brooke Breymeyer (10) said.

The dance held many students and also many activities such as a photo walls, a buffet and photo booths.

“I liked the cool lights that decorated the area but I did not like the music,” Sydney Delisle (10) said.

Many students thought it was very crowded.  Some also put their shoes and bags in the item check so they could focus on having a good time.

“I like Homecoming being held at LC[the school], but I just think that it should have be held somewhere else like the gym or the field house,” Jake Bunner(11) said.

The students lit up the dance floor and made the night one to remember.

“Homecoming is really fun but a little crazy with all the people. People should definitely come to Homecoming for the experience,” Breymeyer said.