Environmental Club


Maisie Westerfield (11) smiles as she describes her lifestyle as a vegetarian. Westerfield is one of the creators of the Environmental Club.

Ashley Robinson

 Due to ongoing climate issues, students decided to create the Environmental Club. It’s purpose was simple: teach other how to take care of their environment in different aspects of their daily lives.

“I would like to learn about how [I] as an individual affect the environment. It seems like you don’t make that much of a difference because you’re just one person but I’d like to learn that that’s not true,” Kalli Blankenship (11) said.

While looking at the ‘nutrition facts’ of a favorite food, there is information displayed on the number of calories, grams of sugar and vitamin presence. However, one very important detail is not included-the carbon footprint behind the production of the item. The purpose of the meeting on Nov. 7 was to address this and how to aid in the reduction of one’s carbon footprint.

“One way people can reduce their carbon footprint is by eating less meat. A lot of people don’t realize that eating meat has a negative impact on our environment,” Karisa Candreva (12) said.

It’s no secret that a transformation of one’s diet is difficult. Giving up delicious desserts can prove to be a challenge too. That misconception, though, was torn down with the activity that the club had.

“We made vegan brownies. They taste a lot better [than boxed brownies]. It’s also really cool knowing that you made it. I like knowing that no animals were involved in making the brownies too. You can even eat the batter,” Blankenship said.

The next meeting will be held in room E117 on Wednesday, Nov. 29. Members will watch The Lorax to explore the importance of taking care of the environment.

For the full brownie recipe, click here.