Breakfast with veterans


Claire Anton (12) shows her veteran dad Mr. Thomas Clark’s, Social Studies, display cases. Mr. Clark and history club members set up the decorations for the ceremony.

Molly Fischer

On Thursday, Nov. 8, veterans were welcomed into the cafeteria to eat breakfast before the Veteran’s Day ceremony with their family.

“We want to welcome these veterans and show our appreciation for what they’ve done for the country and the sacrifices they’ve made. A simple breakfast welcomes them and gives a preview to the day,” Theodore Mantis (12) said.

The cafeteria staff served a wide variety of food for the veterans to enjoy. Outside the cafeteria in Main Street, Mr. Thomas Clark, Social Studies, set up displays of soldiers that veterans were able to view.

“[The veterans] loved the [display cases]. Their eyes were lighting up and they recognized some people [in the displays]. They loved how we brought this history to life,” Mantis said.

History Club members were responsible for setting up the breakfast and ceremony. Members were also tasked with checking in veterans and providing information about Mr. Clark’s displays.

“We have a group of people who do everything [to set up] and they did a great job. We got the job done and we had enough seats. Everything went perfectly fine,” Mantis said.

After the breakfast concluded, veterans were brought to the gym for the Veteran’s Day ceremony.

“Veteran’s Day is a day people take for granted. The rights we have to celebrate the religion we want to or say what we want to is because of those who go to war and die for it. This is a way to say thank you and show that we do care what people do,” Mantis said.