Be Safe While Beating the Heat

With the hot, muggy days of summer approaching, many people resort to water activities too cool off. Whether it is going to the beach, relaxing in a friend’s pool, or taking a trip to the local water park, it is important to stay safe when near the water.

Most people do not think about water safety because they believe it could never happen to them. They are wrong. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death between the ages of 5 and 24. It is important to be conscious of simple steps that can promote water safety. For example, when taking a trip to the beach, one should be aware of their limits as to not get caught up in a riptide. Also, many water facilities provide lifeguards to protect patrons’ lives from water danger. It is crucial to respect the lifeguards’ orders because their main goal is to ensure one’s safety. One tip for those who utilize water facilities is to buddy up with someone. In case of an emergency, a buddy would be able to go for help.

Although spending time in the water can have serious consequences, the beach, pool, and water park are all meant to give people a fun way to cool off. This summer make sure to be safe and aware of the risks when going to beat the heat.