Dreams Do Come True

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

A teenage rendition of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” echoed through the LC fan bus traveling up a rain-soaked Interstate 65.

The fans had good reason to sing; their baseball team just won the first Indiana High School Athletic Association State Championship at their first trip to the finals in history.

“It’s weird. It feels too good,” Nicholas Kellams (12) said.

In a well-played game of baseball, only one run was scored the whole seven innings. The run came from Austen Wagoner’s (’12) single to drive in Ryan Burvan (12) in the third inning.

“It feels great. Knowing that my hit scored the game-winning run of the State Championship is definitely one of the best feelings in my life,” Wagoner said.

After Wagoner’s hit, no more RBIs came. Without RBIs, the final score was left as a 1-0 shutout to wrap up what has been almost a lifetime for the seniors who have played together since they were 7 years old.

“I’m going to miss these guys, but (the season) couldn’t have gone out any other way,” Chase Fieldhouse (’12) said.

Coach Jeff Sandor (78-11 in his three years coaching LC) couldn’t be more happy, especially for these now-graduated seniors.

“These seniors deserved for it to end this way. These kids are the reason we are the only 4A team to finish the season on a win,” Sandor said.

After a 32-1 season, one lesson can be learned of hard work.

“(Winning the State Championship) has been our goal since day one. We worked our butts off. But dreams do come true,” Alec Olund (11) said.