Awkward Premiere

Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

On June 28, the greatly anticipated television series, Awkward, returned for a second season. Months ago, all who watched the show were left with many unanswered questions. Did Jenna’s mom write the letter? Is Jenna going to stay with Jake or will she return to Matty? The mystery and intrigue are what drew many to continue their interest in Jenna’s unlucky endeavors.

“I love the show because it’s different and kind of quirky. All of the characters have such crazy personalities, so it always keeps me entertained. I watched again this year because I liked it so much last season, and it left with a cliffhanger so I had to find out what happened,” Kristin Paganelli (12) said.

With this much excitement, it’s clear to see how debate could stir up. Many viewers have chosen sides between best friends Jake and Matty.

“[Jenna should end up with] Jake because he seems like he truly likes her and would treat her better,” Bre DePaolo (11) said.

Although some viewers are on “Team Matty”, it seems that many people agree that Jake would be the better choice.

“I want Jenna to end up with Jake because she wants a legitimate relationship, so he’s obviously the best pick for that because he’s sweet and cares about her a lot,” Paganelli said.