The Amazing Spider-Man Swings into Theaters

Krystal Rea and lakecentralnews

You may find that your spider senses were tingling this past week when Sony released The Amazing Spider-Man. Many flocked to the theater to see the flick, which topped the weekend box office and brought in $140 million over the first six days of its release.

“I would give it an A. He was corky and geeky, but even when he became Spider-Man, his persona didn’t change drastically. It was more that he had a new found responsibility,” Callista Hatfield (12) said.

Hatfield loved the movie and liked that it started out based off of the Spider-Man comic books, which, like The Amazing Spider-Man movie, introduced the character Gwen Stacy as Peter Parker’s love interest instead of Mary Jane Watson, who came later in the comic book series.

“I like the movie, because it was funny and dramatic at the same time. [I would give it an] A, because it was really interesting and the ending made me want more. [I] definitely would recommend it,” Monica Trejo (12) said.