Review: You


“You” is a Lifetime and Netflix thriller. Starring Penn Badgley as Joe and Elizabeth Lail as Beck.

Justyce Reed

What would you do for love? According to Joe Goldberg, literally anything, and not in the good way.

“You”, the Netflix original, is based on a bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, who meets aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck, AKA, Beck, while at work one day. Joe and Beck strike up a friendly conversation discussing different topics and start to get comfortable with one another. After Joe’s workday is over, he does a search for “Guinevere Beck” on the internet, and successfully finds her Instagram, Facebook, and even her address. His interest in her becomes more intense, and a crush escalates very quickly causing Joe to begin stalking Beck all throughout New York in search of any new information on her – while Beck is absolutely clueless.

The two eventually begin dating and Joe does everything in his power to try and make Beck fall in love with him. But Joe has another problem; keeping secrets – from kidnapping, to getting away from the police, and even murder – become harder than ever, but he finds a way to make it possible. Not only does he have to keep secrets from Beck, he also has to impress her friends – which is easier said than done.

This twisted, eerie series, that has people sitting on the edge of their seat, has multiple plotlines which requires staying alert for any and everything that happens.

I recommend this show for those into dark, creepy, nail biting thrillers!