Shaving for a Cause


Michael Zajac (12) shaves his head in the pool on Friday, Feb. 15. Zajac donated his hair to Locks of Love.

Molly Fischer

 Every March, brave students have their heads shaved in front of the student body to raise money for St. Baldricks. Michael Zajac (12), in particular, has made the decision to shave his head early on Friday, Feb. 15, in time for the boys swim Sectionals over the weekend.

“I am shaving my head because at last years’ St. Baldricks assembly, I saw the way people were impacted by shaving their heads and the money the school was able to raise. I wanted to be apart of that,” Zajac said.

Although it is for a good cause, getting rid of one’s hair is a big decision to make.

“I was on the fence for the past few months about if I was going to shave my head. I realized that St. Baldrick’s was very close to my swimming Sectionals, so I thought that I could raise money for the event and donate my hair to Locks of Love while shaving my head for Sectionals,” Zajac said.

The donations collected aid in research to find a cure for children with cancer.

“I think other people should shave their head because hair grows back but the impact you make is the bigger picture,” Zajac said.