A Safe Space For Everyone


Isabella Watts

Open Mic Night is a unique club at Lake Central that meets every Thursday after school. It is a chance for students to perform anything they wish to.

“People play on their ukes, people just oprah sing if they want, people have done just wacky things, but it’s a lot of people just kind of want to sing but they don’t have anyone to sing to, so they come out and sing. We do get a lot of really amazing singers and you’re like ‘woah why aren’t you in choir?,’” Karah Sikora (10) said.

This club has been at Lake Central for two years now. Karah is not currently the president, Kiersten Bukala (11) is. It was created by a former LC student, Mason Crawford. Although, Karah will be taking over her senior year, after Kristen has graduated.

“Kiersten, she is a junior so she’ll be running it until she graduates and then I’m going to take over the baton and hopefully someone else will be right next to me and I’ll be able to pass it down to them,” Karah Sikora (10) said.

The goal of Open Mic is to have a relaxed environment where students can share anything they want to. The overall goal has always been and will continue to be to make people feel comfortable while performing and to have a good time.

“I just like seeing the atmosphere because when we do get a lot of people, it kind of feels like a mini concert or like a bunch of friends hanging out at a house. We’re telling jokes, were singing some songs. Some people get serious and people are just there if it’s an emotional thing. It feels just like one big party to me,” Karah Sikora (10) said.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the club if whether they have something to perform or even if they just want to hang out with friends and watch others’ performances.

“Absolutely. Come on down, if it’s not me and Kiersten it’s me or Kiersten, but we’re always here and there’s always at least someone here and someone will listen to you and someone will appreciate the work you put into being here. Because it takes guts to come down and perform to a bunch of kids your age. I feel like that’s just a big things kids are scared of. Especially presenting in front of classes and stuff. I feel like this is a nice place for them to be like ‘Hey this isn’t so bad’,” Karah Sikora (10) said.