Khalid Releases His Highly Anticipated Song “My Bad”


Khalid takes over the charts with his new song “My Bad”. Khalid takes the meaning of this song to a new level.

Mackenzie Guthrie

Khalid, a famous and rising pop star who has released numerous hits in the music industry, just released his new and highly anticipated song “My Bad” from his upcoming album “Free Spirit” on Thursday, March 7. Khalid is also expected to release his sophomore album “Free Spirit” on April 5 of this year.

Khalid released his first album “American Teen” in 2017, which included many well-known hits such as “Young, Dumb & Broke” and “Location”. These songs grew insanely popular over the years, which gained Khalid a great deal of fame over time. Khalid even won the “Best New Artist” award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2017, and “Top New Artist” for the Billboard Music Awards in 2018. Khalid’s growth is portrayed through his music as he continues to drop very in-depth and meaningful songs.

The beginning of Khalid’s new song “My Bad” starts off with a very calming and relaxing vibe, where he sings softly until the beat subtly drops. Although the song sounds very collected and chill, there is a significant meaning behind the lyrics. Khalid portrays the idea of communication issues between him and his significant other.  When Khalid sings the title of the song “My Bad”, he is actually stating to his significant other that the communication issues that are happening between the two of them are his fault. Although he never actually states it throughout the lyrics of the song, the tone of the song gives the listener the idea that he wants to work out all of the problems that are occurring in his relationship.

I really liked the meaning behind Khalid’s song “My Bad,” because it shows how he is willing to work through any issues that are thrown his way. I also love the calming beat that the music plays to, and I think it adds a perfect finishing touch to the song.

Khalid’s growth throughout his career has shown how much he has matured in his music. All of Khalid’s songs have a significant meaning behind them, especially “My Bad”, where he discusses a major issue in his relationship which happens to be communicating with his significant other. This song has the power to impact many who are dealing with the same problem as Khalid, which is communication.