Senior class cabinet

Kenedi Carnagey (12) and Brenna Thompson (12) laugh with Alaina Seren (12). The girls discuss the lighting for homecoming for September 28th.

Lilah Nelson

   Class Cabinet is a fun way for seniors to use their experiences to plan events for the school. Many juniors become interested in class cabinet before going into their senior year. 


   “I heard of class cabinet last year when I was a junior, I heard that they planned prom and I never got the opportunity to join so I thought doing it senior year would be fun,” Kaila Ormerod (12) said.


   Class Cabinet is known for helping to decorate dances and design merchandise for the school. It also helps the teachers learn insight on what is trending in the school. 


   “Just getting to work with all the seniors I know to accomplish some really fun things for this year. I think a lot of the seniors here have really good taste to make everything we plan look nice,” Ormerod said.


   Aniya Thompkins (12) and Jake Maletestinick (12), President and Vice President of Senior Class Cabinet, plan many of the club meetings. They both try to get everyone to add to discussions and to get more people to join class cabinet as much as they can.


   “I’m not sure if I’m ready to add anything yet but I’m mainly looking to have a good time with my friends and to get most of my friends to join me so we can work on some grub projects together for the school almost as like a last hurrah of the school year,” Ormerod said.