Club exploration

Katarina Nikolovski (12) watches students as they sign up for Dollars for Scholars. Nikolovski offered candy to the students who came and looked at the table.

Emily Bell, Media Chief

   On Sept. 4 in main street, club presidents lined the walls waiting for curious students to ask them what their club is about. Some clubs have specific insights to the goals of the club fair.

   “The goal of the club fair is to get new kids to join the clubs and raise awareness for all the different clubs and opportunities they can get throughout the school year. [National Honor Society] is good for college applications, putting yourself into the community and being more involved,” Amanda Finley (12) said.

   The club fair gave opportunities to all grades, letting everyone know how the clubs could be fun or how the clubs are changing to be better. Some clubs are improving their standards to attract more people to join.

   “My plan for the [Chess] Club this year is to expand its player base. Usually it’s just a few freshmen who join each year. This year, I plan to start hosting tournaments and I’m planning to get a prize bowl for those tournaments,” Austin Rex (12) said.

   Some clubs are newer to the school and want to expand their basis. Clubs also want to teach students more about specific topics.

   “The [Environmental] Club was created last year by Maisie Westerfield (12) and Karisa Candreva (‘19). Last year we were a pretty small club and we hope to grow more in people. We hope to get the point across to people that the environment needs help. We go on a field trip to the dunes to learn about how the environment is changing and how species and plants there are being affected by humans,” Hayley Matlon (12) said.