Freshman girls’ volleyball team remains undefeated

Katelyn Ruse (9), the team’s libero, gets into position as the volley begins. Ruse played well and had many dives for the ball.

Alison Irace

   The freshman girls’ volleyball team remains undefeated as they win their game against Crown Point on Sept. 3. The girls are excited to continue the season and to try to keep their undefeated title. Their coach is really proud of them so far and she’s ready to continue coaching them.

   “[The season] has been going great. My girls are undefeated so they’re great at communication and they gel really well together. They’ve been doing great so far, I’m really proud of them,” Coach Jackie Eader said. 

   Coach Eader is also looking to achieve the goals she has set for the team and the season in general. 

   “I would definitely say [for] everybody to improve in their position, so let’s say my hitters improve on their job. Hopefully we keep our undefeated record and keep up the communication. They play as a really good team, there’s no divides and they all communicate with each other,” Coach Eader said. 

   The girls won the first two sets of the game and then played a third set to 15, which they lost. Hope Beatty (9) describes her experience being on the team. 

   “It’s really fun, I’m really enjoying it. [Managing school and volleyball] is a little difficult, but it’s nothing anyone can’t handle. It’s just you have to organize your time. I started playing [volleyball] at age 12 and my best friend actually played and she wanted me to start [playing], so I did,” Hope Beatty (9) said. 

   The girls put in a lot of time and effort so that they can perform their best at every game.

   “The whole game, every single point of every game, you need to just try your hardest. You just try to do your best the whole time,” Beatty said.

   Although things like skill and knowledge are important, there are also other things that make a team successful. 

   “I think you all need to get along really well, and if there’s drama on the team, that doesn’t really work. You all need to just be nice to each other even if you don’t want to be,” Beatty said. 

   The girls have some pre-game rituals they perform to help get rid of the nerves.

   “We all usually get hype in the locker room together, just listen to some good music. And some of us have little handshakes, like good-luck handshakes we do before the game,” Beatty said. 

   The girls have been trying hard so far this season to keep up their good work.