Dominating the court

Tiffanie Richerme

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   On Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Freshman girls volleyball team defeated Michigan City in all three of their matches with final scores of 25-11, 25-5 and 15-9. The girls huddled up to celebrate their win after the game.

   “This game went pretty well. We won in two sets and we played a third one. The third one was a little shaky but we still ended up winning,” Adeline Drake (9) said. 

   The girls worked well together to defeat Michigan City and maintain their winning streak. So far, the team is undefeated. 

   “We played as a team and we defeated the other team. I think we all came together and had fun with it rather than just playing as individuals,” Jillian Sandoval (9) said.

   Team bonding also occurs both on and off court to help the players work well together. The team works on essential skills such as communication and trust during bonding.

   “We have a lot of free time in between games so we bond then by talking and hanging out. Sometimes on the court, our communication and energy levels are low, so we need to work on that a little more,” Sandoval said.

   Although the girls have been having a great season so far, they sometimes struggle when facing tough competitors.

   “Our toughest school so far has probably been Crown Point, but we pulled through and did really good that game and ended up beating them,” Sandoval said. 

   However, the team has been able to communicate and work together to win every match.

   “We communicated a lot and we all got our serves and hits over [the net] for the most part. We played really well as a team and we were really relaxed,” Drake said.