JV girl’s volleyball win against Michigan City

Jacey Graham (9) springs up to smack the ball to keep Michigan City from scoring. Her teammates surrounded her, ready to help if she needed it.

Jordan Znosko

   The JV volleyball team won their game against Michigan City High School on Sept. 3. The girls played hard on their home court and beat their opposing team both games.  

   “I feel like we are doing really good and that we are playing really competitively, “ Alyssa McClelland (10) said.

   The team is very supportive of each other and always cheers when they score a point. Each girl gives it their all on the court and encourages their teammates to do the same.

   “All of us have been playing club [volleyball] together since we were like six,” Mina Cardenas (10) said. 

   Cardenas along with McClelland have been playing volleyball for years. The team feels comfortable with each other and work very well together. 

   “When we don’t play a team our level, we try our best to stay at our level and not go down to their level,” McClelland said. 

   This really showed during the game, as the Lake Central JV volleyball girls crushed Michigan City. 

   The next game will be away on Sept. 12, against Merrillville High School.