Setting the bar high

Andie Kalemba

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   On Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Varsity volleyball girls played against Michigan City for 4 matches. The girls dominated 3 sets and won overall. Most of the game, the team had trouble communicating with each other throughout the entire game.


   “Sometimes we have some communication problems on the court, but by the next point, we’re over it and we’ll talk about it,” Samantha Hurubean (12) said.


   Even though they won the game, the team still felt like they should have done better individually.


   “I personally didn’t have my best game today, but I think I picked it up towards the end. My biggest part is to pick up the team when they’re not doing their best either,” Margaret Mulligan (12) said.


   The team really helps support each other through their best and worst plays and work together as a team.


   “We did work well together. Some people didn’t have their very best game tonight and that’s ok; it happens. We need to pick each other up [and] we did. We have a very good vibe around our program. It’s very family-oriented so we’re always picking each other up because we care about each other,” Mulligan said.

   Energy is a key part to games which escalates motivation.


   “We do work well together, especially when we have a lot of effort and energy on the court,” Vanessa Anaya (12) said.


   The team agrees on gaining confidence for the game before stepping onto the court.


   “My advice I have for myself is to have confidence in myself going in [the game] right away and playing my very best from point 1,” Anaya said.