Playing from the soul


Jona Rivera, Echo Co-Editor-in-Chief

   Every Sunday morning, Adam White (10) plays various instruments for his church, St. Maria Goretti, during masses. Being head organist for three years in St. Maria Goretti’s music program has made music a big part of White’s life. 

   “[Before I started playing for church] I was in the children’s choir about eight years ago, and our music director really enjoyed me, so in the last three years, I joined [the church’s music program] and have worked my way up from there,” White said 

   Playing church-style music is different from other styles of music. It is liturgical, and follows a structure that is used for performances of religious rite and worship. 

   “[I learned to play this church-style music from] an organist before me who retired. She taught me through the first year and a half [of playing at church]. Then I started playing a regular keyboard along with them [the music program]. Later, I then I moved on to playing with just me. I’ve learned a lot from the people there [St. Maria Gorreti],” White said.

   White has been absorbed into the world of music from a young age. White began learning the piano at 10 years old, and has developed ever since. 

   “I first learned piano originally by ear, but then I took lessons from fourth grade to fifth grade. I stopped taking lessons and started learning by ear again, but then I joined band [in middle school] and started reading music again, which helped,” White said.

   For White, playing for church has been a big part of his life in different ways. White plans to play for St. Maria Goretti through high school, and even through college. 

   “[Playing for church affects me because] it gives me motivation to keep going through with music. I find a lot of stress relief in playing music and I really like playing at practice and in class,” White said.