Varsity girls volleyball wins against Merrillville

Allison Potopora

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   The Varsity girls’ volleyball team defeated Merrillville in the first three sets of their match on Sept. 12 at Merrillville. The team’s determination and unity throughout the match resulted in a quick win. With the encouragement from their teammates every step of the way, the team gained possession and control for the majority of the game.

   “I think the game went pretty well and we stayed up when we should of. The team’s strength for that game was keeping our middles in system,” Paige Onjack (10) said. 

   Throughout the game, the girls shut down plays created by the merrillville team while they kept communication and moved as a unit. The players always looked to help one another and keep the game in their hands. 

   “My goals for this season are to do good in conference and sectionals,” Onjack said. 

   This game and the previous games won by Varsity lead the team one step closer on perfecting their goals throughout the season.