Equal importance

Brenna Polovina

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   The JV Football team played against the LaPorte Slicers on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. The boys came out on top with a score of 17-7.

   “I believe the team played overall good last Saturday. We can take all the good plays we made and make more with the wide receivers,”  Brandon Escobedo (9) said. 

   The players and crowd get hyped up when the team make great plays. On Saturday, Seth Garcia (11) made a big tackle. 

   “Sacks and fumble recoveries by the defense always get people hyped up, and we had both on Saturday,” Luke Neidy (10) said.

   The defense was able to put pressure on number twelve on the Slicers and force two sacks. 

   “I noticed when the offense get into a rhythm we are hard to stop. Also I noticed how important each player is on every play of the game. For example, I can’t do my job without the offensive line blocking for me. Each player is as important as the guy next to him,” Neidy said.