JV Girls volleyball lose to bulldogs

Emilee Marten (10) serves the ball to the Crown Point Bulldogs. The first home server of the second set.

Icyss Meredith

   The girls JV volleyball team lost on their home court against the Crown Point Bulldogs this thursday on Sept. 26. The girls played two sets and lost both while still playing hard. 

   “I think we came back from a lot of bad plays with high intensity and forgot about the past mistakes,” Emilee Marten (10) said.

   Although the team did lose, they still encourage one another regardless of bad plays or lost points. With encouragement from each other they come back to each play with more to prove.

   “A lot of times we don’t communicate as well as we need to which can bring us down. Our bench was a lot more energetic, which helped us stay positive, ” Marten (10) said.

   As they are still in the midst of the season, hard-fought games like these are what help them to improve. They use their past games to help prepare for the future. 

   “I think that when we lose we all get frustrated. It’s in our best interest to take that loss and not let it bring us down but instead bring us up. It makes us work harder and want to get better for the next time, because we know we will face the team again. We all want to get better and I think that our losses help us learn and grow more than our wins,” Kori Kosteba (10) said. 

   The next JV Volleyball game will be held Oct. 1 against Portage.