Defeating the Michigan City Wolves


Joseph Eisha (12) splashes his face with water to cool off. The first half was tough for the team.

Matt Gacek

   On Saturday, Sept. 29, our boys took on Michigan City at home. The Indians had an incredible game with the final score of 13-7.

   “It was a tough battle. We have faced this adversity last year, but we faced it as a team. We all knew that it was going to be tough but man, our guys did amazing today. It feels so good not to be 2 and 0 anymore. We’re three and three and were going to play chesterton next week. We feel great and our guys feel great, we just have to keep a level head and keep grinding out the season,” Mateo Cedano (12) said.

   Team morale is especially high after Saturday’s game, everyone’s super pumped up! The team is practicing extra hard this coming week for their next game against Chesterton where they hope they can get another win.

   “The team played great. I love these kids, they’re good dudes. We play Chesterton coming up and we’re ready to go. We’ll start practicing immediately. But let’s enjoy right now,” Coach Bartolomeo said.

   Our boys are definitely prepared for the upcoming games. The win has put them in the right mindset for the up-coming games and they are prepared to dominate any upcoming opponents.