Indians vs Indians

Riley Knestrict , Social Media Editor

    On Oct. 1, 2019, the freshman volleyball team competed in a home game against Portage High School. The freshmen came together to rack up a win.The team won the first two matches, meaning they did not need to play a third match. A win is determined by the amount of matches won out of three. The game is won once the team has reached a two win streak.

    Girls on the team think that they came together and played well against the Portage Indians. This is because they took a win over Portage.

   “We played well today against Portage as a team and we had more communication than usual which is good during a game,” Olivia Burke (9) said.

    The girls all think that they did a great job playing against the opposing team and had an easier time talking to each other on the court. This game, the girls tried something a little different in order to gain a win for their record.

   “We played well today, because we warmed up and stretched a little bit extra,” Burke said. Sometimes, doing things that are a little bit extra can help in close games. 

    Even though they played well, the girls believe there is always room for improvement in any situation.

   “We can always make improvements, but one today I would say is that for today’s game we need to cheer more on and off the court,” Burke said.