Kicking off senior night

As a team, the girls huddle up for their pre game chant. The Lady Indians beat the Merrillville Pirates 4-0 on Senior Night.

Hailey Prasopoulous

   Girls Varsity Soccer held their annual senior night at Lake Central on Oct. 1st. Family, Friends, old teammates and fans all came out to cheer on and support the 5 seniors as they took on the Merrillville Pirates. The girls won with the final score 4-0. A ceremony was held before the game to commemorate the seniors’ hard work and accomplishments throughout their high school academics and soccer career. 

   “The emotions in my head walking down the field during the ceremony were all over the place. I remembered my freshman year watching the seniors leave and in that moment I couldn’t believe I was that senior now. Soccer has impacted my high school experience in probably the best way possible.  Although most of my summer is taken up by soccer conditioning, it gives me something to do and enjoy as well as keeping me fit. My friends have always supported me and come to as many games as they can,” Rylie Szostak (12) said.

   Each senior walked down the field before the game wearing their pink senior shirts. Their parents were walking beside them with matching ones, the athletes last name was on the back. As they called each senior by name they listed off how many varsity letters they have received, any academic honors or national honors society, multiple sport athletes, any specific soccer accomplishments and a letter they wrote thanking their parents for all their support. 

   “Knowing this is my last time I will play soccer does make me upset because I have been playing this sport my whole life, but I am excited to start a new chapter in my life. What I would say to my family and coaches is ‘Thank you for constantly pushing me to become the player, and person I am today.’ No one let me quit on myself and that is something I will always be grateful for. Playing soccer gave me life long friends. I’ve played with certain girls since I was 8 years old and am still so very close with them. I am so grateful I had the chance to be apart of the soccer family here at LC and I will never forget the lessons I was taught by my coaches and my teammates that will always be like sisters to me,” Brenna Thompson (12) said.

Many of the girls will not be extending their soccer career through college, so this was one of the last times stepping on the field before playing a game competitively. 

“Playing for high school is really a once in a lifetime experience. There are so many positive things to the sport you don’t really think of the downs. You play the game you love and you make best friends while doing it, there’s nothing more I could ask for. I’m beyond grateful to have such a fantastic set of people by my side, and all they want is to see me and succeeding and I hope I helped accomplish that for them. I got to be with my best friends everyday and they’re the ones who make me happy. I truly couldn’t have asked for anything more,” Mackenzie Rainwater (12) said.