Learning experience

Erin Mauder (9) kicks the ball towards the rest of the players. She wanted to get it past the Lowell players, towards our players.

Alyssa Klimowski

   The JV girls soccer team lost at Lake Central last Thursday night. They played against Lowell and lost 2-1.  

   “Personally, I believe that this was one of our better games playing as a team. We connected the ball well and worked highly on communication which did show great results, even though the ending score wasn’t what we were looking for,” Lauren Prasopoulos (9) said.

   Their team gave their all for both halves and continued to try until the final buzzer.

   “To prepare for our next game, we could better our communication and our shape on the field,” Viviana Lomeli (11) said.

   Communication is a big factor in most sports. However, it is usually the hardest to improve on. Just remembering to talk to each other and try their hardest will help with this season.

   “I believe that our team was the most dedicated we have been in a long time, and even though we lost,  we’ll use this as a learning experience to help prepare us for future games,” Prasopoulos said.