Senior schedules on PSAT day


PSAT [Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test] testing day is on Oct. 16. All students grades 8-11 in Indiana will be taking the test.

Emily Bell, Media Chief

 Taking place on Oct. 16, the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or PSAT,  will be held across the state. High school students grades 9-11 will be taking the test, while 12th graders have the option of coming to school and having an extending study hall or taking the day off.

   “I will be sleeping in and then packing and preparing for my vacation to Florida over fall break. I am relieved I don’t have to sit through that test again. I’m happy I get a day to take a break. The PSAT helped me see the format of the questions for the SAT,” Hayley Matlon (12) said.

   While many seniors may be staying home and taking the day off, some students will be attending college visits. Guidance counselors advise students to volunteer, job shadow or come to school to study at the lunch room tables.

   “On Wednesday, PSAT day, I’m going on a college visit to Columbia College Chicago. [The test] gives me a day off to go visit a campus and to see a better aspect of the school while they’re in school. I do encourage other students to schedule a visit because it is a good day to focus on your future. It’s also good to visit your future school to help decide what you want to do and where you want to go,” Allison Mularski (12) said.

  While multiple students of the senior class are looking forward to a mid-week break, students in sports need to be at school by the end of the second hour if they want to participate in their after school practice. This could be a new experience for those students who come to school because underclassmen will not engage in a normal school day schedule.

   “It’s different because almost the whole [12th] grade won’t be here. I’m coming because if I don’t, then I can’t practice. [During the test], I will probably play Call of Duty mobile. [The test] is time consuming and I don’t learn anything from it,” Youssef Errihani (12) said.