Review: American Horror Story 1984



The ninth season of American Horror Story came out on Sept. 18 on FX. Most of the original actors in the series do not appear in this season.

Ava Solis

American Horror Story’s latest season takes place in 1984, hence the season’s title. The plot is very Friday the 13th-like, taking place at a summer camp in the woods.

Most viewers were very hesitant to watch this season (including me) because the plot seems very overdone. Personally, I love a good slasher. They can be hit or miss, but this one, in my opinion, is definitely a hit.

The characters are very likeable and each episode so far has told a thorough back story of at least one character. The cast consists of mostly newer actors. Emma Roberts, who plays the main “final girl” protagonist, is one of the actors that has been in the series the most. Considering the characters Roberts has played in the past, I think her character this season, Brooke, is my favorite. Actor Cody Fern is one of the newer actors to the series, having only joined last season Apocalypse as one of the main characters. He quickly became just as favored as the original actors due to his talent.

The only thing I think that could be better is the cinematography, though that is the problem with most slashers. Most of the scenes are set outdoors at night, and all the action is usually missed because the shot is so dark.

Overall, I am enjoying the season so far. Each episode is suspenseful, full of drama and keeps the audience at the edge of their seat. There are many surprises that come along as the season progresses. I always find myself fully indulged in each episode, and I can’t wait to see what else comes up in the rest of the season.