A loss against LaPorte

Madeline Bailey (12) serves the ball against Laporte. After a couple of passes, the girls scored a point against Laporte.

Nitya Shah

   The Varsity volleyball team had a tough loss against Laporte on Thursday, Oct. 10, at home. The girls lost 3 out of 4 sets, scoring 20-25 in the last set. The girls were already aware that playing Laporte would be a challenge. 

   “They’re a really good team. I knew [playing them] was going to be hard, but if we played well, we might have a chance to win or at least come close,” Lily Robinson (11) said. 

   After the game, the girls assessed what they did well and what they can improve on. This helps them perform better each time they play.

   “We were running a really good offense to get them out of system. We were also able to block really well against them which helped our defense. We weren’t able to get to some of the short balls because we weren’t in the correct positioning,” Kate Mahoney (11) said. 

   The team has had a tough season so far, but still managed to improve and perform as well as they could. This included working well with other teammates while on the court.

   “At the beginning of the season, we were going through the motions and we were not playing to our full potential. Now we are beginning to play as a team and have been playing really well, but we still have a long way to go,” Mahoney said. 

   In order to recover after a tough loss, the girls have to find a way to make sure everyone stays motivated. They have to make sure their goals are clear, and in order to reach them, they cannot slack off. 

   “To keep the momentum going for the rest of the season, we just need to stay focused and play together. We try not to dwell on the loss too much. It happened, and it’s in the past. All we can do is acknowledge the errors and move on,” Robinson said. 

   An important factor in motivating the team is support from students. Make sure to cheer on the girls at their next game!

   “Our next game is Thursday at Central East Chicago against Highland. It’s our first round of sectionals,” Robinson said.