Feature: Cate Malesh (10)


Cate Malesh (10) talks about her favorite club, Best Buddies. Malesh was able to make a lot of fun memories and good friends while participating in Best Buddies.

Alison Irace

  Cate Malesh (10) has been in Best Buddies ever since freshman year. Best Buddies is an interactive club that allows students the chance to become friends with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities outside of school. One of the many things Malesh enjoys about Best Buddies is the friendships. 

   “My favorite thing about being in Best Buddies is being able to interact and develop relationships with the kids in there, we also do a lot of fun activities and projects, and sometimes even have holiday parties which is super fun because everyone is happy and in a good mood. I’m interested in Best Buddies because I love making new friends, helping others out and having fun.  This club is definitely my favorite club I’m apart of,” Malesh said. 

   Malesh’s decision to join Best Buddies was one that hits close to home for her. 

   “One of my motivations to join was my brother, because he has a learning disability and over the years I have seen how people treat him and how he is with making friends, and I don’t want anyone to go through the same situations he has gone through,” Malesh said. 

   Although the club is mainly based outside of school, many memories are made between the buddies in school too. 

   “The funniest story of me in Best Buddies had to be last year, during our Halloween party.  We had a pin-the-tail on the donkey game, and they spun me around so fast that by the time I opened my eyes and started walking I lost control and fell on the floor,” Malesh said. 

   Along with the fun experiences, Malesh also explains what it really means to her to be apart of the club. 

   “Being in Best Buddies makes me feel really good about myself and I feel really happy to see everyone doing what they love. I feel humbled being in this club,” Malesh said.