Opinion story: Chicago field museum


The Field Museum is a unique location with a plethora of knowledge about natural history. The length of limestone stairs guide you to the huge glass entrance at the top.

Jackson Novak

   The Field Museum stores a wealth of knowledge which spans centuries. Often times, they need help with presenting all of this fascinating information to the visitors. This is where the teen volunteer program comes in. 

   The teen volunteer program is a respected group run by the Field Museum. As a teen volunteer, you have many duties that all involve making a visitors experience the most favorable it can be. For starters, you have to wheel out carts, similar to food carts, into Stanley Hall. On these carts there is engaging information and materials to present to the public. Another thing a teen volunteer has to do is survey the playlab, an area where children can interact with their environment and learn all about natural history at the same time. What surveying the playlab means is making sure everything is put away and organized. Another section of the playlab is the art studio, a place where children can express themselves creatively through drawing and creating. A teen volunteer has to help the children express their creativity. 

   Being on this team helps a teen gain experience in interacting with the public, a skill that can be used for a lifetime, and presentation skills, which help a lot in school and can be used in many future classes and employment positions. This program is an incredible opportunity for teenagers across the entire Chicagoland area, creating an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.