Hamilton Review


The most recognizable poster for Hamilton. It debuted in 2015.

Alyssa Klimowski, Print Staff

 Hamilton. You’ve heard the title millions of times in the media in the last few years. Hamilton debuted in 2015, quickly building its own name. After hearing about it over and over, I was granted the offer to see it on a fieldtrip. I jumped on the offer and got my seat. 

   Hamilton was a beautiful musical. Going in, I had mixed feelings about the musical. I was worried I wouldn’t like it because it was about history. However, I heard so many wonderful things about it. I walked out of the theater looking through Spotify finding the whole soundtrack. I fell in love.

   Before watching the show, I refused to listen to the soundtrack online. I believed that if I listened to it, it would ruin the actual musical or I would be lost while listening. After seeing the show, I was shocked to realize that I would not have missed much besides the dancing and faces.

   There is only singing in this musical, which I believe is very different and interesting. Each song flowed into each other to show dialogue without actual spoken word. Any type of spoken word has background music that relates to the song it is in. This is what makes it so easy to listen to in your free time.

   Not only is the music amazing, the choreography is brilliant. Each movement has a reason. It leads into the next move and line of the song. They also proved you can do so much without changing the set. They added and took off props during the show, however, it was always the same background. The ground had two circles, one inside the other, and they spun, adding to the illusions of a frenzy or commotion.

   Overall, I would absolutely go see this show again. However, I urge you to get tickets soon. Hamilton will be closing in Chicago Jan. 5, 2020.