Review: Dead to Me


The original Netflix series, Dead to Me, released its first season on May 3, 2019. Netflix currently holds only one season, but will release the second in 2020.

Lexi Rigg, Print Staff

Dead to Me first showed up on Netflix on May 3, 2019 to give a new perspective on grievers of the world. The main character, Jen Harding, lost her husband in a hit-and-run before the opening scene appears on screen. The viewers watch as she deals with that drawback and how she raises her kids. The only problem in her way is her suspicious new friend, Judy Hale.

Right from the beginning, Dead to Me hits the audience with heavy sarcasm and lightens up the mood. Christina Applegate, the actor behind Harding, portrays the character’s personality that has an emotional wall and pushes everyone she loves away. Except for when Hale comes along, then she decides to open up, which turns out to be a crazy, twisted relationship. I like how the movie makers force you to sit on the edge of your seats, constantly wondering what the truth actually is.

Harding has to raise her kids who have just lost their loving father. Well, who they thought was their loving father. Either way, Harding’s son, Sam, is not having it. He is involved in drug dealing at school, running away to live with someone else and having fights with Harding constantly. This Netflix series lets its viewers in on the reality of family life and the struggles they have to face.

I would rate the show Dead to Me a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I loved the show and all the aspects of mystery in the plot. The only reason I can’t make it a complete 5 stars is because I am waiting for the next season to come out to see where they go with the story line.

I would have to say that Dead to Me would have to be for a more mature eye because of specific adult scenes. Other than that, many ages can enjoy this uncanny yet intriguing television show. I recommend anyone interested to watch this original Netflix series.