Q&A: Katharine Mahoney (11)


Katharine Mahoney (11) poses with a volleyball before her big game last Tuesday. After playing two games, her team won one and lost the other against their opponents.

Mackenzie Guthrie, Print Staff

 Q: Why did you decide to join intramural volleyball?

   A: “I decided to join intramural volleyball because I thought it would be really fun to play with my friends and to just hangout with them.”

   Q: Overall how is your team playing this season?

   A: “My team is playing very well this season and I am really proud of how well we are working together during the games.”

   Q: How do you want your team to improve this season?

   A: “I want my team to improve on passing and serving during the games, it will help us become really good for the rest of the season.”

   Q: What is your motivation to play?

   A: “My motivation to play intramural volleyball is to just have fun with my friends and to win the games together as a team.”

   Q: What is your team’s strengths and weaknesses?

   A: “My team’s strengths is that we have a lot of athletic people on our team which is a great advantage. And we are doing really well with hitting the ball over the net. Some of our weaknesses are serve receive because that’s how a lot of teams will get their points off of us.”

   Q: How have you worked on your technique?

   A: “We have worked on a certain line up and it has been working really well. Also, I try to teach everybody about passing so we can work on our serve receive as a team.”

   Q: Would you consider intramural volleyball stressful or fun?

   A: “I think that intramural volleyball is a ton of fun. I love getting together with my friends and playing a fun, competitive game.”

   Q: Are you happy with where your team is ranked this year?

   A: “Yes, I am very happy with my intramural team. We are doing well, and have been able to win a few games and we hope to continue to win more throughout the season.”

   Q: Are you planning on joining another volleyball team next year?

   A: “Yes, I would love to do intramural next year, but I want to keep the same team because I really like everybody and we all work really well together.”