Gallons of art work

Zeta Johnson (12) kneels in front of some of her gallons. Johnson had drawn on 20 gallons.

Kelly Hayes

   Last year, many students started carrying around milk jugs full of water. This became popular as more and more students started to partake in this challenge, Zeta Johnson (12) still carries hers around today

   “For my workouts with the marines, my sergeant suggested that I start drinking a gallon of water a day in order to stay hydrated for our extensive workouts each week. So I started and I would bring a gallon of water to school every day,” Johnson said.

   Drinking that much water a day can have some good or bad side effects. Some people gave up after just a few weeks of drinking a gallon of water every day. Motivation plays a big part in Johnson’s choice to do this.

   “I’m motivated to keep drinking them because I need to stay hydrated so I’m ready when I get to PT. Drinking water can help keep your skin clear, it can help regulate sleeping patterns, it can make your metabolism work faster and harder and it keeps my body going strong,” Johnson said.

   Johnson doesn’t just drink out of these gallons, she draws on them as well. Johnson has been doing various forms of art throughout her life, it’s one of her favorite hobbies.

   “[I draw on the gallons because] I get bored in class and I also really like art. Sometimes I get really mad and I would write song lyrics on gallon to represent how I am feeling at that moment,” Johnson said.

   These aren’t just a few scribbles, she draws intricate and detailed objects or letters. Johnson tries to develop a theme to each of her gallons, this brings others attention to her art work.

   “All of my gallons have a color scheme so sometimes I draw things that represent that specific gallon’s color. I get so many ‘omg did you do that,’ ‘omg can I see that,’ etc. Sometimes people take them and start touching them, so people like them a lot,” Johnson said.