Versatile volleyball

Daniel McGrath (11) and Robert MacNeill (12) go hand-in-hand to get the volleyball over to the opposing team. The two teams had a competitive match against one another.

Charmagne Abangan and Emily Bell

   From Oct. 22 to Nov. 12, students participating in Intramural Volleyball will gather in the field house to compete in matches against participants from all grade levels. To join a team, friends or peers must come together.

   “I asked one of my friends, Kate Mahoney (11), if I could join her team and she said yes. Our team is a bunch of her friends and people she played [volleyball] with last year. I hope that we can keep our team together and play next year because I think it’d be really cool to play with the same people,” Mariana Bendinelli (11) said.

   During the beginning of the Intramural Volleyball season many fall sports teams were still competing in IHSAA Sectionals. After their season ended and once Sectionals were over, the athletes were able to participate.  

   “I played volleyball for the Lake Central team and it was always really serious. I wanted to play for fun with my friends and didn’t have to feel stressed about playing. We have done well. We have only lost one game, but we didn’t have our full team because football was still in sectionals,” Samantha Hurubean (12) said.

   Joining intramural has given students an opportunity to bond and have a laugh with their friends without the pressure of making mistakes. Despite the possibility of losing from years before, students still showed their competitive side and determination.

    “It’s fun but still competitive and nobody cares if you make a mistake. Everyone just laughs it off. We hope to win the championship to make up for last year when we only had 2 people on our team who showed up, so we lost,” Madelaine Chiabai (12) said.