Wondering about winter (formal)

Justyce Reed

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   N-Teens is a club that is centered around helping others and giving back. The members not only help out in events in school, but they volunteer out of school as well. 

   “As vice president of N-Teens, I help out Mrs. Collard and Frida Arellano (12), who’s president. I joined the club when I was a freshman because I wanted to volunteer more in high school and help out the community. I’m really glad that I stuck with the club all four years because it’s given me the opportunity to help others, which makes me feel good about myself,” Charmagne Abangan (12), Vice President, said. 

   On Monday, Nov. 4, members of N-Teens discussed setting up for Winter Formal in January.  The members of the club plan, set up and volunteer at the dance. 

   “This specific meeting, we talked about the Winter Formal and what decorations and favors we would like to distribute. We also talked about ‘adopting’ another child for the Angel Tree,” Sarah Gross (11) said. 

   This club is great for people who love to volunteer to help out in their community. Their next meeting will be held on Nov. 11!

   “I would definitely recommend this club to others because it looks really good on your transcript and the hours that count for N-Teens will also work for other clubs that you need service hours for,” Abangan said.