Q&A: Mya Bell (12)


Mya Bell (12) has made the decision to graduate a year early in order to start her career. Bell plans on majoring in communications.

Delanie Flynn, Print Staff

Q: Is there anything different you have to do in order to graduate early?

A: “Well in my situation, I didn’t plan on graduating early until this year. So I had to double my English and math classes to get them done and to get academic honors. With that, applying to colleges is different. I have to have letters sent out that say I am graduating in 3 years.”


Q: What was your biggest factor in graduating early?

A: “My biggest factor in graduating early was getting closer to starting my career.  I also just saw the opportunity and went for it.”


Q: How does your family feel about you graduating early? Your friends?

A: “My family is very proud, happy and excited for me. My friends who are juniors are very sad that they don’t get to spend their senior years with me but at the same time are very supportive. Most of my friends who are seniors are excited that we’re graduating together.”


Q: What diploma do you plan on graduating with? 

A: I’ve always planned on graduating with an Academic Honors Diploma.


Q: Where do you plan on going to school?

A: I have committed to Purdue University Northwest.  I love the campus, the classes and how nice the people are there. I felt welcomed as soon as I stepped on campus.


Q: What do you want to major?

A: I am majoring in broadcast communications and minoring in media communications. 


Q: What made you want to major in this?

A: I’ve been interested in communications since 8thgrade.  I really love how it all works and being a part of something. I want to create something or be a part of creating something that represents or inspires people. I also thought it would be cool to meet people. 


Q: What are your goals for the future? 

A: I’d like to work for a radio show or tv show in Chicago. Preferably like the news, talk shows, or sports. My biggest dream is to have my own TV or radio show. 


Q: What advice would you give to other students that want to graduate early?

A: If you think you are ready to graduate early, I think you should because it’s a great experience. You don’t miss out on anything and I feel like it helps you mature.