Unique opportunities

Elizabeth Sulek, Print Staff

During the 2018-2019 school year, the string club was formed. The unique club gives students an opportunity that they cannot get during school hours. Students are able to practice their string instruments with their peers.

“[A benefit for] everyone [in the club] is [that they] get better as a musician. It gives the students a way to play music in school since there is no music class for string instruments,” Madelyne Pedroza (12) said.

Pedroza is the president of the club. She plays the violin and really enjoys the performing aspect of playing a string instrument.

“Performances are my favorite. I’ve always loved performing. We open for the Northwest Indiana Lyrical Strings Orchestra [around] Christmas time and we’ll be doing ISSMA, which is the music competition for Indiana state” Pedroza said.

Pedroza also enjoys the bond formed among all of the different students in the club.

“The creation of relationships [is important]. We have freshmen, we have seniors, we have [every grade level]” Pedroza said.