Fall Break Fun


Caption: Fall break was on Oct. 24th. Students did many activities over their break.

Luke Hamilton, Print Staff

Fall break started on Thursday, Oct. 24, and students came back to school on Monday, Oct. 28. Students at the school experienced the break in many different ways through travel or at home.

“I went to Naples, Florida with my best friend. My favorite part was sunset paddle boarding.  It was a new experience and it was super peaceful,” Bella Dibitetto (11) said. 

Most students traveled over fall break for fun. However, some students travelled for educational purposes as well.

“Over fall break me and a couple of my friends went to Florida and we went on a college visit to the University of Florida. While being there, it helped me to start considering colleges for my future,” Allison Helfers (11) said. 

On the other hand, a majority of students at the school stayed in the region over break. They were able to find some fun in their own area around them.

“I went to a friend’s costume party over break with some friends. There was some food and cute desserts. I can’t wait for the next break,” Jacqueline Kosina (11) said.