History Club Veteran’s Day Decoration

Eden Schilling, Print Staff

At our school, Veteran’s Day is a special day where we get to honor all of the students’ relatives who served. The assembly was held on Friday, Nov. 8, during PtE.  

Part of the preparation for this event is the decorating and set-up process.  Students from history club and US History classes were able to come together and set up for the day and assembly.  Students were able to design the decorations that were placed and displayed around the school. History club students put them up around the school after school hours.  

“Some of the decorations are pictures of people who served in the military. There are also tables with veterans’ pictures and awards they have won. There’s tables filled with poppy flowers, because that’s the kind of flower that represents Veterans Day,” Muna Hijaz (10) said.

The students tried designing decorations that were personalized towards the veterans.  Some of the decor spread around the school states the names of the people that had served. 

“[There are] streamers with red, white and blue colors, and stars with red, white and blue colors that we made into an American flag on one of the walls so everybody can see,” Hijaz said.  

Not only are personalized decorations important, but making sure to get the message across is an important part in setting up for the event.  By setting up for this event, students who stayed after school were given an opportunity to become more involved with the school. 

“I think that [setting up] does make you involved because you can look around the school and see that this was something you did, and you can be proud of it,” Kori Kosteba (10) said.

Setting up gives opportunity for the students to connect with each other and participate in something that will be seen by the whole school.  Not only should the decorations be well thought through and special, but they should be able to make the veterans feel welcomed and appreciated by all students.  Whether the students are members of history club or not, it gives all students a chance to help out.

“We decorate for this event just so the veterans can come in and really feel welcome and feel like they’re being represented because they deserve to have a day all about them.  We also just want to make the school look nice for them to show our thankfulness,” Hijaz said.