A safe place for everyone

Bailey Egan, Print Staff

The Gay-Straight Alliance Club met on Thursday, Nov. 7, in room E120 where they discussed their past week along with the good and bad parts. A typical GSA meeting follows a schedule, but the schedule can vary.

“We start with our daily fact. Then whether we have a presentation planned (people can sign up for presentations) we do that. If we don’t, we do what we did today.  We just sat and had a discussion,” Thyme Washington (10) said.

The club also has game days every so often, which the members enjoy.

“We have our game days, which are my favorite. We just sit around and play games, and it’s really fun,” Washington said.

The welcoming club allows students to be themselves and build strong relationships with other students.

“[This club] has given me a lot more friends and people I can trust and also they can trust me,” Washington said.  

The club is sponsored by Ms. Carrie Wadycki, Journalism, and meets every Thursday.

“[My favorite part of sponsoring this club is] just being able to give the students in G.S.A. a place to meet and just talk about their week and what’s going on and give them a safe place after school to go once a week,” Ms. Wadycki said.