Q&A: Joanna Lomelli


Joanna Lomeli (10) observes her surroundings. Lomeli has played soccer for around 10 years and has worked hard to obtain a position on the Varsity team.” Photo by Brian Scott (11).

Mia Martinez

Q: When did you begin playing soccer?

A: “I started when I was around the age of 4 or 5.”


Q:How did you begin playing soccer? 

A: “My family’s passion was the sport soccer. They would play when they had their bad days. It was a way of relief, so they figured it would be the same for me.”


Q: Did your siblings play a big role in influencing you to play soccer?

A: “Yes, definitely. They are my role models. It’s always a competition, which makes me do better.”


Q:As a sophomore on the Varsity team, what are some of the hardships you encounter, if you encounter any?

A: “Being a starter and a sophomore, I’m put to the test a lot more and people expect 120% out of me.”


Q: How long do you plan on playing soccer?

A: “Hopefully until I’m done with college.”


Q: What does soccer mean to you?

A: “It absolutely means so much to me. My whole life has always revolved around soccer no matter the situation.”


Q: What is the coach’s expectations of you?

A: “Honestly, I have no clue. I just think that [Coach Rainwater] expects a lot [from me], being a starter as a freshman and someone who loves the sport so much. He just knows I’ll never give up.”