Choir Students Audition for Trebleaires

Breanna Keltgen and lakecentralnews

Senior Treble and Concert Choir students auditioned for Trebleaires on Aug. 23 in the LGI room.

“I wanted to join Trebs because I really enjoy singing and it’s an advanced group. I think it will help me advance in my music,” Alayna Prisby (10) said.

The auditions lasted two days. The first day, students learned the dance and song they were required to perform for the audition.

“The previous members helped a lot on the first day, and it was really nice having an extra day to prepare,” Prisby said.

Students practiced from the night before auditions started until the minute before.

“We got to record the parts that we sang for our tryout song, so I listened to it endlessly and also practiced the dance with my sister,” Emma Rose (11) said.

Those who made it into Treblaires were announced at the end of auditions. The first practice is Aug. 27.